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15 years of direct laboratory experience and collaborations with the best in the market to always offer the most innovative solutions.

What it offers you 

Confidentiality of recipes

With the FaccioBuono management system, not only is the perfect execution of the recipe guaranteed, but also that it cannot be copied. Through a security system, employees do not see the weight of the ingredients and therefore do not have access to data that if revealed would allow the recipe to be copied. The operator, in the recipe execution wizard, only sees a bar that moves according to the percentage of the ingredient quantity, but not the grams of each raw material.


Food traceability became mandatory throughout the European Union
European Union since 1 January 2005, pursuant to Articles 17, 18 and 19 of the
European Regulation 178/2002.

Traceability: an automatic system records the flow of raw materials to identify the supplier and production batch.           Traceability: we record all warehouse movements for any necessary reports.


A system of cross-checks allows the FaccioBuono management system to make the production and warehouse part dialogue with the FaccioCassa sales part. Through an innovative system, production is linked with the cash system, allowing verification that the product sold corresponds to the day's receipts.


EU Regulation 1169/2011 'on the provision of food information to consumers" for pre
packaged products intended for the final consumer.
The Legislative Decree 109/92 reference of the EU Regulation 1169/2011 for loose or pre-wrapped products. The FaccioBuono management software automatically creates a barcode label containing the list of all ingredients, the nutritional values, production and expiry date, the operator, the internal batch number and company trademark.



With the FaccioBuono management software, stock organisation is simple, complete and functional. The software keeps track of the raw materials purchased, automatically monitors the quantity of ingredients used and signals when the minimum stock level is reached. In this way, it is possible to keep track of the finished product ready for sale, inventories and raw material stock at all times in order to plan orders rationally. All with obvious savings in time and money.

Remote control

Check the cash register closing even if you are not in the shop? Check the progress of production and sales? See what is missing in the warehouse and proceed to send the relevant order to the supplier instantly? The FaccioBuono management software is the specific software for ice cream parlours, bakeries and pastry shops that allows you to perform various operations even remotely, via your mobile phone, tablet or home and/or office computer.

How he does it

What device do you want to use?

Mobile phone:

Control production, create orders, check stock.
With our app you can also unload stock and create a bill of sale.


Always carry all your business with you.


You want to work light, with us you can! With our battery-operated scale you can work wherever you want and however you want with and without electricity.

Fixed PC

With us you can work local or network. 

Multi user/Multi workstations

One or many stations depending on your needs.


Work wherever you want in the Cloud. Every company has its own machine to guarantee maximum security and privacy, high performance and maximum reliability.