From raw material to sale, with a PC or mobile phone, in the cloud or locally.

Take your company with you at all times

With Facciobuono you can delegate production, plan work and manage process quality control.

Create easy searchable reports to improve production processes and reduce waste.

Who are you?

Small company-solution:

In our programme you can balance all
recipes automatically. Making Food-Cost. In the operation of the programme there is no room
for error; a series of blocks and special functions prevent errors
in weighing. At the end of production, a label is printed with all data
mandatory data, expiry date, production batch, nutritional values,
allergens.Create your own production list and the total number of ingredients required for that given production will automatically appear.More than 800 ingredients are already loaded for you.

Average company-solution:

Each operator will have his own password to enter
into the programme. All weighing will be done in percentages and not by weight (the
weight of the recipe is not seen). A series of blocks and special functions
will prevent incorrect weighing. Labels will be printed with
the name of the operator for traceability. The programme manages the
automatically the food cost and also proposes the final price to the
customer. A bar code will also be printed on the label to help you in the
handling of the goods. For the handling of finished products, you can use the barcode to automate the process, even from a mobile phone.At the daily closing, there is the possibility to check sales by barcode. In a simple way you will have a daily/weekly/monthly audit report.

Great company-solution:

All production is labelled automatically, with operator, production date, expiry date, ingredients
nutritional values, allergens, place of production, company logos, internal
internal barcode. With the loading of the incoming goods bill, the raw material warehouse is populated.
warehouse. Then, while producing, the raw material warehouse is automatically unloaded
and the finished product warehouse loaded. For the passage of goods from
laboratory to the various shops, simply use the bar code of the label and the
automatically the programme will do the handling. For the handling of finished products you can use the barcode to automate the process, even from a mobile phone. Everything can also be controlled remotely with our application from both computer and mobile phone. It is possible to manage several shops, several production centres and warehouses.