Easy to handle and simple to use

  • Raw material input with the possibility of supplier batch and expiry date entry.
  • Automatic production batch.
  • Automatic expiry date.
  • Goods transfer via bar code to avoid errors.
  • Sale of finished batches via bar code to avoid errors.

Download reports to control and manage your business

Chef Rami Kozman L'artigiano del gusto ROMA

When you use it every day, it is a pleasure to work; so work becomes fun.

What it can do!

Automatic labelling

Label for sale, label for laboratory. For each production you will be able to print the label you need complete with nutritional values, allergens, ingredient list, production batch, expiry date. The programme will print out what you need automatically with all the data required by European regulations.


Traceability: the system automatically records the flow of raw material to identify the supplier and produce the production batch.      
Traceability: FaccioBuono records all warehouse movements for any necessary reports.

For sale

Managing customers, locations, price lists, deliveries, bills all in one programme. Even with a mobile phone.